AngularJS Training Program

AngularJS is a Open Source “Superheroic JavaScript” Framework for creating Dynamic Web Pages. AngularJS extends HTML attributes with Directives and binds data to HTML with Expressions.

It is widely used for creating SPAs (Single Page Applications). This Framework allows the programmers to extend HTML with Model View Controller (MVC) capabilities. It is highly extensible & works with a number of libraries.

iDroidIndia offers this recent technology in the form of AngularJS Training Program. The content of the program is as follows:

  •  Introduction to AngularJS
  •  Getting Started with AngularJS
  •  Built-in Directives
  •  Filters and New Directives
  •  Controller in AngularJS
  •  Working with Models
  •  Forms in AngularJS
  •  Dealing with Services and Dependencies in AngularJS
  •  Creating Applications using AngularJS

To download the complete course content of  AngularJS Training Program, please Download the PDF.

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