Joomla Training in Delhi

Joomla is one of the most widely used PHP based Content Management System (CMS). It is a plug-in rich, easy to use CMS.

Topics of Joomla Training Program are as follows:

Introduction to Joomla CMS

  • Introduction to Joomla, the CMS
  • Joomla CMS Installation
  • A Tour to your new installed Joomla based website
  • Customizing Joomla ­Templates
  • Customizing Joomla– Language

Configuring Joomla

  • Configuration of Joomla Administration
  • Site Menu
  • The Menus Menu
  • Content Menu
  • Components Menu
  • Extensions Menu
  • Tools
  • More on Extensions

Joomla Templates

  • Writing Your Own Joomla Templates
  • Understanding Joomla templates
  • Understanding Joomla template files
  • Understanding the index.php file of Joomla
  • Understanding the XML file
  • Creating a thumbnail PNG
  • Creating a new index (index.php) file
  • Creating a new XML file
  • Creating and installing the package file

Issues related to Joomla

  • Fixing typical installation problems
  • Assigning templates and modules
  • Using the Firefox Web Developer toolbar
  • Making the news more interesting
  • Placing a random image
  • Configuring menus and sub menus
  • Styling a poll
  • Styling a footer
  • Assigning optional regions in a Joomla template
  • Changing the Favicon
  • Your Own Components, Modules, and Plug­ins

Troubleshooting Joomla Sites

  • Troubleshooting in Joomla
  • Live Project based on the Joomla CMS

To download the Joomla Training Program course content, please Download the PDF.

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