PhoneGap Training Program

PhoneGap is a powerful Free Open Source Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Framework which helps its users to create Cross Platform Apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript & standard Web APIs. Its supporst the App Development for all major Mobile Platforms such as Android, iOS, Ubuntu Touch, Web OS, Tizen etc using HTML CSS and JavaScript.

iDroidIndia offers exclusive Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Training Program using PhoneGap. The content of the program is as follows:

  •  Introduction to PhoneGap
  •  Installing and Configuring PhoneGap
  •  Events in PhoneGap
  •  Mobile Device and Network, Notifications
  •  Playing with Accelerometer
  •  Playing with Compass Methods
  •  Playing with Geolocation
  •  Playing with Media
  •  Playing with Camera
  •  Working with Local Storage
  •  File Handling
  •  Working with Contacts
  •  Playing with Audio & Video
  •  Cross Platform App Development Project using PhoneGap.

To download the complete PhoneGap Training Program Course Content, please Download the PDF.


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