iOS Training in Delhi

Apple’s iPhone is one of the top SmartPhones in the market. It is very popular and hence its Operating system iOS. Apple has given the opportunity to the individual developers and companies to create their apps and market it on Apple store. There are almost 1,20,000 iPhone applications on the Apple Store. Creating customer applications for iPhone on iOS  is thus very lucrative career option in the recent times.

Topics of the iOS Training Program is as follows:

  • iOS Programming Using Objective C
  • iOS Releases
  • Xcode IDE Installation and Use
  • MVC Architecture
  • Objective-C
  • Views and View Controllers
  • NeXTStep Object Support
  • Data Persistence
  • Internal Hardware System Support
  • System Event Handling
  • Multithreading Support
  • Web Service Support
  • Multi-Platform Development
  • Games and Graphics Support

To download the complete iOS Training Program for iPhone App Development, please Download the PDF.


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