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This page is the showcase of few of our Apps for the clients.


This is the Klinic FOS App. This App is for Agents of various Labs. The Agents will get the  details of the Patients via the App so that they can collect samples & update status via the App  itself. This is the Klinic App for Doctor. This App is for various Doctors. Via this App Doctors can help the Patients book Lab Tests & Get Reports online.


This is the Klinic App. This App is a Health Care Assistant through which Users can book any Lab Tests from their preferred Labs easily from home. This is an App for all Book Lovers. An ultimate App for sharing of the resources with friends & the world.
Touch_M_App olive_greens
The app helps customer to scan the menu of the restaurant or spa and bring it to their phone and helps to order the food or other services via the App. This is the Olive Greens Institute Android App. The App contains Information about Olive Greens Institute, Various Courses, Blog Updates via RSS, Image Gallery etc.


This is Furniture App. This is a complete Shopping App through which User’s can select & purchase Furniture via the App. This is Smart Calendar App. Using this App users can view Date, Holiday List  & Thought of the day in a Smart way.


This is Bank GK Questionnaire
App. This is a unique app for the
candidates who are preparing for the written exams/interviews of SBI/PNB & other exams. It provide users, a wide range of questions
related to GK which are generally asked in the exams.
This is Bank Exam Questions App.
This is a unique app for the
candidates who are preparing for the written exams/interviews of
SBI/PNB and other exams. It provide its Users, a wide range of Questions related to Computer H/W & S/W which are generally asked in Bank exams.


This is Technical Interview
Questionnaire Pro App. The App contains
Interview Questions related to the following topics: * PHP * MySQL *
Java Script * AJAX * Core Java * Android
This is the famous Shanti Mantra
App. Its a Prayer for getting
the Internal peace of mind & soul. It is very helpful in releasing
Stress & Tension.


This is a Ultimate Recipe App. The Recipe Categories are as follows:
1. Break Fast Food  2. Poultry    3. Grocery List
4. Vegetables 5. Fish & Sea Food
This is an Ultimate App for controlling Remote Controlled Cars via BlueTooth. Users can enter the MAC address of their BlueTooth Controller to make connection with it & control their device using the App.
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