Our Android App

This is iDroidIndia Contacti App for Android Platform. This is a unique App for the users who are looking for Career Oriented Training Programs in various fields like Mobile Apps Development, Web Development etc. This App provides a variety of information about the Courses Offered by iDroidIndia.com.


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Key Features:

1. Excellent User Interface to provide easiness while navigating the App.
2. The Content is Web Based & will be pulled off from the web.
3. Information about various courses related to Mobile Apps Development & Web Development offered by iDroidIndia.com.
4. Training Schedules can be pulled off from the web, hence user can schedule their time and find out when they can come to attend any Demo.
5. The Apps will tells about the various offers running on the different courses.
6. Above all, its free……

To download the APK file of our Android App, please click, Download iDroidIndia  APP APK.




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