Native Android Apps Development Training Program

Native Android Apps Development Training Program

Native Android Apps Development Training Program

Android is a Operating System based upon the Linux kernel. iDroidIndia, is a name derived from the Android OS.  We are a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about the Android OS, hence we are here with a punch line “we droid India & the world“.  Initially, it was designed for smart phones and hand held devices. Now, due to its rich features, its can be used in other sectors as well. Android can be useful for other platforms and applications as well.

iDroidIndia, offers Android Training Program which will guide the learners  about how to code an application over the Android platform. The topics of Android Training Program are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Android
  • Android Building Blocks
    • Main building blocks, Activity life cycle
    • Basic user interface
    • Menus, Dialogs, Toast, Listview
  • Multimedia
    • Camera
    • Gallery
    • Music and Video
  • Important Aspects
    • Intents (Implicit & Explicit)
    • Services
    • Broadcast receivers
    • Using Async task in your application
  • Networking
    • Working with Web Services
    • JSON Parsing
    • Telephony, WiFi , Bluetooth
  • Data Storage
    • Shared Preference
    • SQLite Database
    • Content Provider
  • Hands on experience of working on a Live Real Time Project.

To download the complete Android Apps Development Training Program Course Content, please Download the PDF.



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